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   DFT   2004-01-02   13 Bytes    
   dft-v120.exe   1999-07-11   325.02 KB   Drive Fitness Test (version 1.20)

The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick and reliable method to test IBM IDE hard disk drives. The Drive Fitness Test only performs read tests and does not overwrite customer data.

   ezdrive.exe   1999-07-11   459.45 KB   EZ-Drive

EZ-Drive is a single step IDE hard disk drive installation and setup utility. It is compatible with Windows 95/NT and FAT 32. It allows up to four IDE hard disk drives in the same system. EZ-Drive comes with all the functionalities of EZ-Copy, a drive copying tool. This is a 460 KB executable file.

   ezsmart.exe   1999-07-11   960.91 KB   EZ-S.M.A.R.T.

EZ-S.M.A.R.T. 3.0 is an easy to use interface with Windows look and feel that monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable IDE devices, assesses reliability and predicts failure. This program assists computer users to prevent system down time due to peripheral storage device failure. This is a 960 KB executable file.

   ibmata66.zip   1999-07-11   164.75 KB   IBMATA66

The Deskstar 22GXP and 25GP hard disk drives are designed for high performance and support Ultra ATA/66 (UDMA mode 4), which offers a transfer rate of 66.6MB per second. Though most systems are compatible with Ultra ATA/66 drives, certain combinations of BIOSs, motherboards, and chipsets were not designed to recognize this transfer protocol. If your system does not operate properly with a Deskstar 22GXP or 25GP drive, contact your system manufacturer to find out if they offer a BIOS upgrade that provides Ultra ATA/66 support. If a new BIOS is not available, the IBMATA66 utility can be used to disable Ultra ATA/66 support on the disk drive. When Ultra ATA/66 support is disabled, the disk drive operates in Ultra ATA/33 mode which makes the drive compatible with Ultra ATA/33 capable controllers. The IBMATA66 utility also allows you to restore or enable Ultra ATA/66 support on the disk drive if a new BIOS is installed at a later date.

   ibmata66_121.zip   1999-08-05   149.74 KB    
   index-e.htm   2002-07-04   16.72 KB    
   index-e.php   2002-07-04   17.10 KB    
   index-e.txt   1999-07-11   2.49 KB    
   index.htm   2002-07-04   18.87 KB    
   index.md5   2002-07-04   328 Bytes    
   index.php   2002-07-04   19.26 KB    
   index.txt   1999-07-11   2.49 KB    
   PowerBooster-1.0.exe   1999-07-11   301.00 KB   Power Booster

A new utility that gives users direct control over the Advanced Battery Life Extender power settings for mobile IBM disk drives. Power Booster allows any computer with an IBM ATAPI 4 mobile disk drive and running Windows 95/98 to directly control advanced power management features of the drive. Advanced Battery Life Extender is an advanced power savings implementation and Power Booster is a user interface to it.

   wipe.zip   1999-07-11   9.71 KB   Wipe

Wipe is a software utility that writes zeroes to every sector on a hard disk drive up to 8 GB. It can be used with both SCSI and IDE drives. This is a 10 KB zip file and requires an unzip program such as WinZip (R).

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